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The innovative HUECK Lambda Silent Air sound-absorbing window provides outstanding soundproofing not only when closed but also in the ventilation position. At the Werktag industry event in Celle, this compatible standard solution from Lüdenscheid-based aluminium systems provider HUECK System GmbH & Co. KG won bronze in the “Best Product Innovation Construction Finish” category of the Architects’ Darling Awards. The elegant solution is already being used in three large- scale residential developments in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.

In Section 2a of the new Pergolenviertel in Hamburg, high-quality homes are being built on behalf of project developer Garbe Immobilien-Projekte GmbH according to plans drawn up by Berlin architectural firm Klaus Theo Brenner – Stadtarchitektur and are due for completion in spring 2020. Around 350 windows from the HUECK Lambda WS 90 series have been installed in the brick façade facing away from the street. On the side looking outwards to the busy Hebebrandstraße, 100 HUECK Lambda Silent Air sound-absorbing windows ensure a high level of indoor comfort. “Here, Lambda SA allows natural ventilation with simultaneous

soundproofing,” explains Torge Drews, Head of Sales Planning at HUECK. “Even in the tilted position, our window system reduces the noise level by 31 decibels.”

Despite the sound insulation requirements, the executing architectural firm, Hamburg-based Spine Architects, planned the buildings with a uniform façade appearance on all sides. This aesthetic requirement is met by combining the highly thermally insulated HUECK Lambda WS 090 window design with HUECK Lambda Silent Air. “The great charm of this solution is that even with high noise protection requirements, the system does not need to be changed, but can be planned within one window level,” explains Jan Löhrs from the executing architectural firm, Spine Architects. “That’s a huge plus point when it comes to designing the façade.”

Figure 2: In Hamburg’s Pergolenviertel, the HUECK modular system with the HUECK Lambda WS90 window design (Image 1) in combination with the HUECK Lambda Silent Air soundproofing solution (Image 2) paves the way for a uniform façade appearance (Image 3).

In Frankfurt too, a mixed-usage inner-city area is currently emerging in the form of the Hafenpark development. The sophisticated architecture of this building ensemble is the responsibility of the firms AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH and pbp prasch buken partner architekten GmbH. On the first plot, Baufeld Ost, construction is currently underway of 250 homes featuring expansive glass frontages. Looking outwards to the busy Hanauer Landstraße, 400 square metres of HUECK Lambda Silent Air sound-absorbing windows
deliver a comfortable indoor environment. In conjunction with 4,500 square metres of

HUECK Lambda WS 090 on the sides of the building facing away from the street, the façade has been implemented with a uniform appearance on all sides.

The Heerdt district of Düsseldorf is expected to gain a new landmark in the form of Rheintower 740, which was designed by the Berlin-based architectural firm J. Mayer Architekten and Aachen’s Höhler + Partner. The striking façade of this 70-metre residential and medical services tower incorporates some 2,250 square metres of the HUECK Lambda WS 090 window solution. On the side of the façade facing the busy Pariser Straße, 750 square metres of HUECK Lambda Silent Air sound-absorbing windows ensure the requisite level of indoor comfort.

To allow the creation of additional living space in urban areas, today’s planning and building laws permit “urban consolidation” in industrial areas and other environments subject to noise pollution. “For this market, HUECK Lambda SA I is currently the only single-shelled standard solution that is proven to absorb sufficient sound even in the ventilation position,” explains Thomas Leimkühler, HUECK’s Head of Product Management. HUECK Lambda Silent Air is based on the highly thermally insulated and soundproofed Lambda WS 090 window system. “Thanks to uniform profile depths and fixed frames, the two designs can be used to achieve a consistent outside appearance for building sections exposed to higher or lower levels of noise pollution.” As a standard system, HUECK Lambda SA I is currently available as an individual solution with a fanlight or bottom light window for inrush airing, or integrated into a window strip. Also possible are system variants that can meet even higher soundproofing requirements for construction projects. For further information, visit: www.schallgrenze.com.

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